Benefits of Custom Building a New Home Vs. Buying an Existing One

If you are like many considering a move and have been trying to find an existing home “that has everything” on your list and are having trouble then consider custom building to your specifications. With that in mind, there are a few important custom built home benefits to consider.

The Process

If you have decided to build your dream home, one of the most important considerations you will make will be finding a custom home builder you feel comfortable with to design and construct your home. Interview and research your custom home builder choices to make sure they have a solid process to follow—the initial consultation to discuss building lots, architectural drawings, financing, permits, contract, timelines, what to expect during each phase of construction, communications, and so on.

The Choice

One of the most significant benefits of building a custom home is the choices that you get to make. You and the design team can pick everything from the lot to build on to the cabinetry, trim, flooring and colours. No making do with something “close “ to what you have with a resale existing home. You can select everything you want (within budget of course). This means you can make choices that make the most of your budget.

A Home That Reflects Your Personality

When you build a custom home, you and the design team create a home that is direct reflection of you and your personality. At Anvale Homes our clients meet with us and our architect early in the process. This helps to determine house plans with the guiding principle that they “must reflect their personality”. Simply put, a custom home is designed specifically to reflect your personality.


Buying a re-sale home often means accepting unusable space that doesn’t fit with your vision or that you don’t understand what the original intent was for the space.
Anvale Homes will help create a space that is functional for your family while realizing your vision for your dream home.

Finally, as you make this vital decision, remember that the most important thing is to end up with a home of your dreams with in your budget

Warranty And Less Maintenance

If you are buying a resale property, truth is you don’t know what exactly could be wrong with it or its appliances even after a through home inspection. You spend thousands of dollars on repairs. Building a new home gives you the piece of mind that you have warranty. New homes typically have less maintenance than their old home counterparts.

Newest Technologies And Standards

When building a custom home you have the opportunity to add new technologies to your specifications such as controlled smart lighting systems, programmable heating and cooling systems, automated home security systems, kitchen appliances that text you when you’re low on milk and offer recipes suggestions based on what’s in your fridge.

All new homes adhere to the most recent building codes. New materials can also last longer than used or existing materials

More Energy Efficient Than Older Homes

Energy efficiency has exploded in the past few years with many options available to your custom home. One of the downsides of a resale home are the outdated systems already in place and how they work against you in the long run with efficiency. When building a new home, new top of the line energy efficient appliances go a long way in saving you money long term. Items like heating and air equipment, windows, plumbing are all new with excellent energy ratings.

Avoid Health and Environmental Hazards

When building new, you’re aware of every piece and element that goes into the build of your home. Health concerns like asbestos, lead paint and mold are avoided as you are installing up to dated materials and equipment.

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